‘Gotta Train ‘em All’

Senior Renee Lonon continues athletic training in college


Everyone watches as the players run up and down the field, kicking the ball into the goal. Then it happens. A player takes a penalty shot and rolls her ankle. That is when it’s senior Renee Lonon’s time to shine. As the player is moved off of the field, she is left in the hands of the varsity athletic trainer. Lonon tapes up and ices her ankle, then sits her down on the bench.

Lonon is one of the athletic trainers who takes care of the school’s athletes. She has also decided to pursue athletic training in college.

Head athletic trainer coach Dan Brown said he enjoys seeing students like Lonon become athletic trainers.

“I think training has helped her get a better focus as to what she wants to do as far as college and what she wants to do with her life,” Brown said. “The aspects of athletic training fit their interests very well. There are so many different fields you can go into with athletic training.”

Lonon, who’s responsible for soccer and football, has been a trainer since her freshman year, and plans to pursue athletic training as a major and eventually a career.

“I wanted to do something medical and this fits perfectly,” Lonon said. “I always wanted to play a sport, but and I am not really good at it, but with this I can still be around it.”

In order to help the athletes, the athletic trainers go through plenty of preparation, taking Sports Medicine 1 and 2.

“The girls have to show interest in [the training room] and learn the things we try and teach them; about blood care, proper hydration of the athletes, and different taping techniques,” Brown said.

While Lonon greatly enjoys athletic training, there are certain difficulties that she faces because of it. Brown asks his trainers to be extremely reliable which makes it more difficult to participate in other activities.

“If the greatest trainer in the world is not at a practice or game at the right time then what point is it whether they are good or bad?” Brown said. “A trainer has got to be where they need to be when they need to be there.”

One of the most difficult things to do alongside athletic training is work.

“I personally don’t have a job,” Lonon said. “That allows me to be there when the athletes need me. I don’t have to miss practice to go to work.”

Fellow senior Alison Fields, though not attending college for athletic training, has been involved in high school. As someone who competed in athletics before becoming a trainer, Fields has gained a greater appreciation for trainers and what they do now that she’s in their shoes.

“There is a lot of work that goes in behind the games that people don’t get to see,” Fields said. “We don’t just show up and leave. We are there 30 minutes before players and leave 30 minutes after.”

Brown believes that Lonon will “excel in this field because of the characteristics that she possesses.”

“Renee has such an intelligent aura about her that she will fit in well in athletic training,” Brown said. “I like seeing students like her become athletic trainers because she is going to broaden this field.”