Karla’s Story

Campus student leaders started lifelong friendship in kindergarten, best friends now


Karla Alvardo and Karla Gonzalez friendship over their school career has developed them into student leaders.

She walked into the classroom, but she couldn’t speak English.

It was 2002 and the first day of kindergarten for Karla Alvarado who had just arrived from Mexico City. She was attending an American school and there wasn’t anyone who could speak Spanish, at least that’s what she thought.

All that changed when on the first day of kindergarten, Karla met a new friend. Her name was Karla too. Karla Gonzalez. Karla Gonzalez is fluent in Spanish and English because her family is from Mexico, too. She was raised in America, so she learned English growing up.  That year she was able to translate for Karla Alvarado.

Now, 13 years later, seniors Karla Alvarado and Karla Gonzalez are still the best of friends, so much so that they’re often called “The Karlas,” and they serve in some of the top leadership positions on campus.

Alvarado is president of this year’s senior class and Gonzalez is vice president. Gonzalez is president of Student Council. Alvarado is treasurer.

Alvarado said she would’ve never even considered running for class president or participated in any of the extracurricular activities she helps lead today if it weren’t for Gonzalez.

“I owe a lot to how I’ve done in school to Karla,” Alvarado said. “I would be a loner if I weren’t friends with Karla. Karla pushes me to excel and do things that I would never do. I probably wouldn’t be involved in anything if it wasn’t for Karla.”

The leadership roles Alvarado made a part of her life are seen in a new program she started this year with StuCo.

“Karla Alvarado recently started a program in Student Council to help raise awareness for childhood cancer,” Student Council advisor Sally Mroczkowski said. “Karla Gonzalez has been helping and supporting her along the way.”

Not only have Alvarado and Gonzalez been able effect each other in a positive way, but also everyone around them.

“I think the Karlas help bring more of a positive atmosphere to the school and everyone around them,”