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Makayla Schnaufer, Reporter

September 28, 2015

Seconds remain in the game against Amarillo. The football team is down, but not by much. The coaches make a decision to place junior Willie Cherry in as quarterback. He keeps the ball and runs with it, taking it into the end zone in the last second and making the final touchdown of the game. The varsity...

Raiders Hold Their Own Against Top Ranked Ryan

Jon Lanford

October 7, 2011

Thursday Oct. 6, Rider lost to Denton Ryan 20-17. Driving home from Memorial Stadium that night, my friend texted me and asked how the game went. I told him we lost, and he promptly responded saying, “I knew y’all would get creamed.” I’m so happy my car is still intact, because I was so mad...

Cheerleaders tryout for varsity, leaving advice for future candidates

Danielle Adams

April 12, 2011

This is it. The day she's been nervously anticipating for the past two weeks. With her hair neatly braided, dressed in a white tank and black shorts she slowly makes her way down the hallway, only to stop just short of the gym door. She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, but just as she has her...

‘He’s the biggest Raider fan I’ve ever met’

Byron Dowling

October 8, 2010

"One Family, One Team," these are the words that signify the post-Ponder era with Coach Garfield to take the reins as Rider's new head football coach and athletic coordinator. "I was really excited," Coach James Garfield said after being named the head coach. "I love Rider High School and I love the...

Drive, Determination, Discipline: Seniors Lead Team

Erin Hagy

October 8, 2010

Sweat dripping down their foreheads, the heat is almost unbearable as they step onto the field with determination. It is off-season and they are working as hard now as they do in-season. It is almost as if the baseball team doesn’t know it is September and not April. Every day after school, the...

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