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Tips From College; Alum Shares Advice For Seniors

Ashleigh Robinson, Reporter

May 21, 2012

That moment had arrived for her. It was a moment she had been anticipating for years, four to be exact. Everything she had been working toward came to fruition in one ceremony.  At that point, she was beyond ready to graduate. But now as she readies to enter her junior year in college, there are a few...

Cards Seem Convenient But Experts Say They Cause Long-Term Economic Problems For People Who Use Them

Ashleigh Robinson, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

In a matter of years, paper money may be outsourced with the continued using and uprising of debit and credit cards. While both are quick and easy methods to spend money, one swipe of one credit card is all it takes to acquire a massive amount of debt. Family Consumer Science teacher Lola Pepper feels...

Seniors find various different options to save money on higher education

April 5, 2012

She sat before the monitor, staring at the application that had the potential to change her life forever. She was excited for the possibilities looming just as soon as she hit submit, but nervously realized that once she did, she might not be able to live out the dreams she had created for herself. Senior...

Annual electronic babies assignment takes Family Consumer Sceience students by storm

March 2, 2012

Steam filled the bathroom as hot water poured out of the shower head. She wet her hair, reached for the shampoo and began to lather the suds into her long curly tresses. Just as she was massaging the shampoo into her hair, a cry rang out. She froze, let out a loud grunt of frustration. She opened the...

Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

March 2, 2012

"I'm sad that you're going, but it's a good decision. This will be good for you." my dad said, draping his arm around my shoulder. It was finally that time. The day that I'd been somewhat dreading and anticipating all at once, was here. The house was empty; furniture gone, windows naked, just...

One Family, One Community

One Family, One Community

Ashleigh Robinson

November 17, 2011

As the holiday season approaches, students have taken it upon themselves to bring in money and edible goods for those less fortunate in the city. Students that bring 10 canned goods and a three dollar donation receive a t-shirt. The drive ends Monday, the 21st. The money raised goes towards buying children...

Oh Rats

November 2, 2011

When Assistant Principal Rebecca Hitchcock returned to school, the last thing she thought she'd find was a rodent invasion. Hitchcock wasn't alone in the discovery. Now nine weeks into the school year, the invasion continues. "I caught two yesterday," Hitchcock said on the day of this interview. Assistant...

You can hate him, but he’s still getting paper

Ashleigh Robinson

October 6, 2011

Feb. 9, 2009. A text message from my cousin comes in. In it, she asks me if I’ve heard the latest news on Chris Brown and Rihanna. I was fresh out of a long day at school, feeling exhausted as I sat on the couch. I had no clue what she was talking about while I stared at the phone curiously, so I...

Upperclassmen enjoy off campus privileges

Upperclassmen enjoy off campus privileges

September 13, 2011

A change in the school lunch period has been implemented. Now replacing the 45 minute lunches last year are shorter, 36 minute lunches. The two shorter lunches are a result of not meeting the state's requirements for the hours that the school is required to be in session. The school also opened the...

Display cabinets allow art students to show work

Ashleigh Robinson

March 29, 2011

The beginning of the main hall is tickled with artwork; paintings, drawings, and sculptures alike. The artwork pieces are tacked on the walls and displayed in a total of four cabinets, two built into the main hallway, and two just off the cafeteria entrance. The artwork sits above name tags of the...

The Road to Victory: Football’s playoff run started with early wins

Ashleigh Robinson

November 29, 2010

“If we win, we’re in!” he yelled out to the field house, his voice stretching way back to the very last row of the stands, through several teens. His heart raced as he looked around the massive gym. In the stands, students were filled with Rider Spirit as they cupped their hands around their mouths,...

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