A Fresh Golf Coach

Rider graduate takes over golf position as head coach


Rider Alumni Dakota Robbins was on his way to the Cheesecake Factory in Dallas when he received the news that he was to be the new coach for the golf team. Robbins has already begun the team’s training for 2014-2015. The golf season has started and the 1st tournaments started during the 2nd six weeks.

“It was a pretty surreal moment,” Coach Robbins said, “I was really excited to come back to the school [I] graduated from.”

Robbins played for 4 years on the Rider Golf team. His past experience was successful and he intends to replicate that success.

“Winning the district championship has always been the goal,” Robbins said.

Robbins has played golf for quite some time. Training wise, Robbins intends to stick to what the team has been doing in the past, except with some more work on short-game, which is a players ability to hit chips, pitches, and putts with accuracy. Though there is a new coach, the students who had Robbins predecessor, Todd Finkler, will not forget him. The veteran golf players remember the days when Finkler was here and will take what he has taught them and carry it with them, along with their memories of him.

“He [Finkler] used to joke around a lot,” senior Kristen Boone said.

Finkler coached golf here for 28 years, an endeavor that will have a lasting effect. Finkler’s time here was “a great learning experience,” according to Golf Coach Cleveland Wallerich, and the influence of Finkler will not be lost on him. Finkler’s legacy will be remembered, even if it’s by a student who will “miss hearing his stories,” such as Junior CJ Porta.

“[They’re] ready to get some tournaments going,” Robbins said.

The first tournaments were Oct. 7 for Boys Varsity, Oct. 14 for Girls Varsity and Boys Junior Varsity. Thus far the team has just started practicing so they will be ready to get some competitive play going.