New Chemistry Teacher Ready to ‘React’


Tamarion Davis

Chemistry and IPC teacher Joy-Anne Oliver in her new classroom. Oliver started at Rider during the second six weeks.

From working in the pharmaceutical company as a chemist and being the teacher’s assistant for three years, Joy-Anne Oliver came to be Rider’s new chemistry and IPC teacher.

“This is a big challenge and experience,” said Oliver. “But I was not afraid of becoming a teacher.”

Oliver came to the USA in 2008 when she was accepted by Midwestern State University. Before that, she gathered an associate degree in sciences in her home country, Antigua and Barbuda.

“I now also have a bachelors degree in Chemistry with the minor in Math and Biology,” said Oliver.

She thinks that her teaching style is traditional and would like to have informative and fair classes where students will learn as much as they can.

“I believe in a respect between students and teachers,” said Oliver. “I would also like to be a big support to my students and help them find out what they really like.”

In her future, she wants to have a positive impact as a teacher on her student’s lives, but she also has one great goal that wants to achieve during her lifetime-to travel the world.

“I’ve already visited Caribbean Islands and some countries in Europe, like England,” said Oliver. “In my “travel the world” journey China is the next station.”