Kramers Leaving Rider; AP Teachers To Retire At End Of School Year

Lee Williamson, Reporter

They knew it was time, between all the changes, all the years they’ve been teaching, and all their plans for the future, they knew this was the year they had to go.
“We knew it would happen this year or next year,” she said. “With the magnitude of the changes happening next year, we decided it would be this year.”
This will be AP English teachers Dyann and Larry Kramer’s final year of teaching, they plan to retire from full time teaching, but will continue to help train new teachers and lead their SAT prep course if they are allowed to by the district.
“We will miss teaching kids who wanted to learn,” Mrs. Kramer said. “But we look forward to retirement.”
In their years of teaching the Kramer been to several schools around WFISD. Mr. Kramer taught Pre-AP English for seven years at Zundy middle school before coming to Rider, and Mrs. Kramer taught at Old High before later switching.
“I wouldn’t have taught this long if I had stayed at Zundy,” Mr. Kramer said. “I was excited when I got the chance to come to Rider.”
Mrs. Kramer felt similar when she came to Rider.
“I enjoyed my tenure at both schools,” she said. “But Rider was a better fit for me.”
Since coming to Rider, Mr. and Mrs. Kramer have had some very valuable contributions to the school. Mr. Kramer started the SAT prep course and they both headed the National Honor Society and Pennies for Pets.
“It is bittersweet handing over NHS to someone else,” Mrs. Kramer said. “But we know it’s in good hands. We’re just glad they’ll be keeping Pennies For Pets.”
The new AP English teachers have been chosen, but the students have not yet been told who they will be.
“I wonder who we’re going to have next year,” said junior Blake Leiker. “I hope it’s Ms. Kistler!”
There will definitely be a lot of changes without the Kramers around.
“They are like the Rider mascots,” Leiker said. “It just won’t be the same without them.
With their retirement beginning in just a few weeks, the Kramers are not even thinking about the past, they are looking forward to the future.
“We have so many places we want to go,” Mr. Kramer said. “We don’t know where to go first.
Mrs. Kramer shares her husband’s excitement.
“We plan to do some traveling and a lot of reading,” Mrs. Kramer said. “We do not anticipate getting bored.”
Also retiring are teachers Mrs. Farrell, Mr. Farnsworth, and Mrs. Rogers.